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Philosophy is too important to be left to philosophers

Philosophy is often ridiculed as a dead or useless discipline. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Philosophy is the discipline which studies what is right and wrong, what is true and false. Philosophy underpins any and all cross-disciplinary discussions since it is where all disciplines came from, that’s why everyone still gets PhDs (doctorates of philosophy). Philosophy tackles the biggest questions: Do we have free will? Do Gods exist? Do animals have rights? But it has been locked away for too long, given only to those that have the wealth and time to study it. That’s why we are here. To bring philosophy back to the agora where it started, and tear down the ivory tower.

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All I know is that I know nothing

On this website, the only philosophical viewpoint that we hold is skepticism, though to call this a viewpoint is something like calling silence a type of music (John Cage aside). Specifically, we hold a type of Pyrrhonian skepticism called indirect skepticism. As a Pyrrhonian skeptic I hold no beliefs. Unlike an Academic Skeptic, I don’t assert that knowledge is impossible, I am actively searching for it, I just have yet to find anything that rises to such a level. This makes me a great instructor since I’m skeptical of all of the viewpoints we cover here.

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The Author

Pictured Sitting in His Tub

Many YouTube personalities make their personal lives an integral part of their work. I do not. This is because I work in international development. Often I am working in countries where my views, about religion in particular, might get me fired or even imprisoned. Were I to be connected to this channel and website explicitly, it might harm the reputation of the organizations that I work with, not to mention my own job prospects and even safety.

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Want to do a collaboration? Reach out!

For business inquiries, the best way to contact Carneades.org is to reach out using the contact information on the YouTube page’s About section (https://www.youtube.com/c/carneadesofcyrene/about). YouTube does a better job of hiding contact information from spam than we can here. Please reach out about potential collaborations or opportunities for the channel or the website. I cannot promise I will respond to them all, but I will do my best.

Disciplines of Philosophy

Philosophy is a very broad subject with wide ranging disciplines. If you can't find something here, check out the YouTube page with over 700 videos!


We have nearly 300 videos on Logic featured on the YouTube channel, including the 100 Days of Logic (a basic introduction in short 90 second videos).


Our massive series “You Can’t Handle the Truth” covers all major theories of truth in great depth, and even tackles logical puzzles like Tarski’s Indefinability of Truth.


Looking for Personal Identity? Meinong’s Jungle?  Free Will?  We have it all and more!


Topics on philosophy of Religion include the major arguments for and against the existence of God, Ontological, Cosmological, Teleological, the gang’s all here!


We have arguments from the philosophy of science, including the problem of underdetermination, the problem of induction and more.


Check out our series on Russell, Frege, the De Re, De Dicto distinction, and more!

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“Thank you. This what a great video for me to learn how Peano constructed arithmetic.”