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Choose From Over 700 Videos

With more than 700 videos to choose from, you can learn almost anything in philosophy with the click of a button. No need to even sign up! Just got to the Carneades.org YouTube page and start learning!

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Enroll in a course and get access to quizzes which ill test to see if you have actually learned the material. Prove to yourself that you can do it, and make sure you have mastered the topics.

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Create Your Own Independent Projects

To really learn something, you need to try to teach it. Once you have passed a course, you will get access to an independent project with will ask to to create your own philosophy video on a subject from that course. You might even see it featured on Carneades.org!

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Find Your Way With The Map Of Philosophy!

Where to start with Philosophy?

Philosophy is a big discipline, which covers everything from Social Justice to Time Travel, from Zombies to Free Will, and from the existence of God to Mathematical logic. This video will help you get a sense of the big picture

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Own The Map of Philosophy!

If you love philosophy and want to show that off to the world, order a copy of the map of philosophy on Zazzle for just $30!

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